Terms and Conditions

Section 1. Introduction

1.1 By using this website, you
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1.2 Artconscient Pty reserves the right
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1.3 You are free not to use our website
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1.4 The domain name “artcconscient.com” is owned and managed by Artconscient Pty.


Section 2. Trademarks

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2.3 The use of those marks without any
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Section 3. Coupons

3.1    Coupons are provided with a fixed amount
of a discount.

3.2  They can only be issued, corrected, cancelled
or rejected by Artconscient at its own discretion.

Section 4. Prohibited Use

4.1 The use of this website for an
illegal purpose is strictly prohibited.

4.2 By using this website, you agree
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4.3 By using this site, you agree that the
information provided to Artconscient is right.

4.4 The information provided (by you) on
this website will not be deemed proprietary as Artconscient reserves the right
to investigate in a prohibited use of your account.

4.5 Artconscient reserves the right to
close/block your account in case any of the terms and conditions in this
document are violated.

Section 5. Third-Party

5.1 This website may contain links to
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5.2 These websites are out of Artconscient’s
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5.4 By using those links, you alone are responsible
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5.5 Artconscient and its employees
disclaim all responsibility associating with the linked site and is not to be held
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Section 6. Governing Law

6.1 These Terms and Conditions shall be
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6.2 By using this website, you consent
to the South African courts’ jurisdiction in regard with any and all claims
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