It is all about the mind, many people wait for the crown to come and start behaving like a king. In fact, you don’t need a crown to behave like a king, be the king, behave and think like one and the crown will follow. You might be a simple chess pawn but the way you see yourself is the most important. If you don’t define yourself, the world will define you.
Behind every amazing invention that exists since the creation of the world there has always been an amazing mastermind. Having said that, you should also be the mastermind behind amazing masterpieces, create and innovate, make people talk about you because of your wonders.
You don’t necessarily need a king to be the queen… make your way from the bottom to the top and define yourself first. Though you might be the queen to the king but it is believed that behind every strong king there is an even stronger queen.
We should be the change we want to see in our own society. Change starts with yourself first then I’ll affect other people around you. Hence the gears font in the concept to show that it is a wheel that turns : my change will impact your change.
One of the most important thing in our lives is time, when it is gone, it is gone. You cannot get it back, hence using it right is a must. Every second is precious and need to be considered.
Don’t just talk for the sake of it, in fact let your work talk on your behalf. Don’t promise what you can’t fulfil and don’t say words to please your listeners but talk to make sense and link your deeds to your words.
We don’t chose were we are born, it is out of our control. In the same way, we don’t influence the earth, it is the earth that influences us. Same applies to our mother land Africa, it is Africa that shapes us and not the other way around. Our origins, believes and way of thinking are rooted deep down in us and it is something we must be proud of.
1910 simply refers to the foundation date of the actual Lubumbashi city in the Democratic Republic of Congo at that time known as Elisabethville which will become Lubumbashi in 1965. The red color of the logo comes from the city itself that has two colors, red and white.
Rules, regulations, laws, … all these words describe restriction to “freedom”, as much as the society makes us believe that we are free, freedom is just a concept. In fact, we are not really free as we cannot always do what we want due to many factors around us.
Inspired from the song "Be yourself" by the pastor and rapper Julius Bakunzi (JulzGoodMusic), this concept encourages us to be ourselves because nobody will ever do what we do best. We do not need to hide ourselves behind a mask and pretend to be what we are not. We should not let our society take control over us and shape us, it must be the other way around .